How do I complete independent practice?

Updated 10 months ago by Linda Porter

Step 1: Choose any subject area from the PRACTICE menu at the top.

Step 2: If you've already completed any activities or assessments, your Dot Rank will reflect your cumulative score for each standard. A grey dot indicates that no activities have been completed yet for a standard. Consider working in standards where you have a pink dot first.

Step 3: Click on any standard to expand it. Several types of practice activities are available: videos, vocabulary, questions, and performance tasks. Click any activity to begin.

Step 4: For vocabulary and questions, select your difficulty level (random, beginner, or advanced). In order to complete vocabulary and questions, you must score over 66% on a random or advanced set.

Step 5: Because this is considered independent practice that your teacher did not assign to you, you'll need to select your teacher and class. Click the "Begin" button.

Step 6: Once you've completed an activity with a score of over 66%, the box will turn green, and your progress bar and Dot Rank will update. ALL videos and performance tasks must be completed for those sections to turn green.

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