How do I create assignments for Google Classroom?

Updated 2 years ago by Haley Harper

Step 1: From your Assignments tab, click the "Create New Assignment" link.

Step 2: Select which classes you are creating the assignment for. Click "Yes" next to "Add to Google Classroom." The assignment will only be added to Google Classroom for classes already connected, indicated by the Google Classroom icon.

Step 3: Choose the standard(s) and assignment type in step 2, then settings in step 3. Click "Save Assignment."

Step 4: All assignments added to Google Classroom will have the Google Classroom icon to the right of the assignment name.

Step 5: Click the "Settings" icon to edit the assignment name, due date, assigned classes, etc.

Step 6: Your USATestprep assignments will appear in your Google Classroom under "Classwork." Editing sections in Google Classroom, such as the title or due date, will not make any changes to the assignment in USATestprep. Assignment and setting edits must be made directly in USATestprep.

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