Start Here! USATestprep On-Demand Video Series

Updated 8 months ago by Amy Brown

Intro to USATestprep

Learn how to create an account, set up classes, and access the teacher resources page for online, printable, and projector materials. A brief tour of the student homepage is also included. (21 minutes)


Learn how to create a wide range of formative and summative assessments, including pretests, diagnostics, and mock end-of-course exams. We also dive into the results and look at instant remediation, an item analysis, and best practices. (31 minutes)


Learn how to create various types of activities, including practice questions, vocabulary sets, performance tasks, videos, and games. An overview of assignment results is included as well. (13 minutes)

Progress Monitoring

Learn how to analyze class and student data through the gradebook and progress report. We also look at student independent practice and how students can personalize their own learning, including the Green Dot Challenge. (18 minutes)

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