How do I use Projector Mode Questions?

Updated 2 years ago by Kyle Heaton

Step 1: From your homepage, go to the Classroom Resources dropdown menu and select a subject area.

Step 2: In the Online Resources section, click on the Projector Questions icon.

Step 3: Select the Question Source. You can choose an assessment that you have already created, or random questions from a standard.

Note: Naming conventions for standards vary by state. Common examples include: Standard, Domain, Element, Objective, Expectation.

Step 4: Select the time to display each question then click the Load Questions button.

Step 5: Print the Answer Key and Answer Sheet if needed. Then click the Play button.

Step 6: Questions will advance automatically. The options at the top of the window allow you to pause questions, increase or decrease text size, enter full screen mode, display the answer, or navigate to the next or previous questions.

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