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Whitelisting by IP

USATestprep leverages the CloudFlare CDN and edge network to serve our site traffic. In other words, the traffic served by our site traverses the CloudFlare CDN. Whitelisting the CloudFlare IPs will allow traffic to flow. Please keep in mind that this list may change from time to time.


Whitelisting by Domain

To whitelist by domain, be sure to add usatestprep.com, www.usatestprep.com, studentapi.usatestprep.com, students.usatestprep.com, check.usatestprep.com, and media.usatestprep.com. All core functionality is served by these domain names. Vimeo and Wistia are utilized to serve video content. Whitelist the following domain names: usatestprep.wistia.com, vimeo.com, player.vimeo.com, *.vimeocdn.com

If your school district blocks Vimeo, an account admin can change a setting to bypass Vimeo for all videos.


USATestprep utilizes content hosted by 3rd party providers, such as Vimeo, Wistia, Google Analytics, Facebook, etc. These components may change at any time. USATestprep will do its best to ensure that these changes are made available. USATestprep utilizes 3rd party scripts. The current list of scripts are api.autopilothq.com, connect.facebook.net, *.google-analytics.com, browser-update.org, and *.googletagmanager.com.

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