How can I accommodate the learning needs of my students?

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USATestprep offers a variety of ways to ensure equitable access for students. Click on the link to see all the options you have to accommodate students' learning needs within the platform.


Creating Assessments

  • Reduce answer choices from 4 to 3 in Step 1 (four answer choices will still be shown, but one will be eliminated)
  • Select questions by DOK or difficulty level in Custom mode (Step 2)
  • Create an assessment to meet the majority needs of your students.  Then create a duplicate (using the Options menu on the Assessments tab) and edit the settings to accommodate specific learning needs.

Printable and Projector Resources

  • Larger font size options
  • Increase spacing between questions
  • Assessments can be printed if needed


View transcripts for all instructional mini-lessons


  • Three settings:  multiple attempts, minimum score requirement, and retry missed items only

Sitewide Accommodations

  • Spanish translation for practice questions and vocabulary  -- refer to the pink "es" icon
  • Spanish translation for USATestprep Generated Tests and assessments (if allowed in the settings) -- refer to the Español link at the top of the test/assessment
  • Audio read-aloud for questions, answer choices, and passages -- refer to the speaker icon
  • Ability to eliminate and reactivate answer choices
  • Highlighter tool for assessments and USATestprep Generated Tests

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