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Live Getting Started Webinar Trainings

Each month, USATestprep offers several live webinars from which to choose - feature specialty topic webinars, weekly Getting Started With USATestprep webinars and Liftoff webinars. Click here to view details and register.

All webinars are in Eastern Time Zone. Even if you cannot attend the live session, register and we will send you a link to the recording afterward.

30-Minute Getting Started Webinar for Administrators
  • Learn how to upload users, manage school accounts, view school-wide data, and build common assessments
  • Earn administrator certification and badge after passing a short knowledge check
  • Recommended for: USATP admins who are new users
1-Hour Getting Started Webinar for Teachers
  • Learn how to set up classes, create assessments and assignments, and access classroom resources
  • Includes brief tour of student homepage Earn teacher certification and badge after passing a short knowledge check
  • Recommended for: new users and users that need a refresher
Special Topic Webinars
  • These webinars will focus on combining instructional strategies with the features available in Progress Learning. Seasonal presentations will cover relevant topics throughout the school year.
  • Don’t see a special topics webinar that your school or district needs? Suggest a topic using this form. We will do our best to accommodate your special request.

Self-Paced Certification Courses

These courses offer educators the flexibility to learn independently and understand the full range of features available within the Progress Learning platform. The courses contain on-demand training videos and a knowledge check to earn a personalized certificate and a certification badge. Click here to view details and get started! Duration: less than 90 minutes.

Self-Paced Teacher Certification Course
  • View a series of four videos - Intro to USATestprep, Assessments, Assignments, Progress Monitoring
Self-Paced Admin Certification Course
  • View the series of five videos - Admin Only, Intro to USATestprep, Assessments, Assignments, and Progress Monitoring

Self-Paced Training Modules

Click here to access our on-demand training videos and orientation presentation designed to help administrators lead their teachers through USATestprep training. We suggest presenting these videos one at a time during weekly meetings or all together on a PD day. These videos cover the following topics: Intro to USATestprep, Assessments, Assignments, Progress Monitoring, Admins Only.

Help Center

Click here to access helpful articles and step-by-step instructions for all of the features within our platform. Use the search tool to find the exact topic that you need help with.

Custom or On-Site Training As requested, reach out to training@usatestprep.com

Click here to download our Training Flyer

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