How do I create a Think or Swim game?

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Step 1: From your homepage, go to the CLASSROOM RESOURCES dropdown menu and select a subject area.

Step 2: In the Projector Games section, click on the "Think or Swim" icon.

Step 3: Enter team names and click the "Continue" icon.

Step 4: Click the + sign to expand the domain.

Step 5: Select 3-5 standards for your game. Click the "Continue" icon. Standards can be chosen from multiple domains.

Step 6: Download game cards if needed and click "Begin".

Step 7: Each team will have a chance to choose a question or vocabulary term. Clams represent multiple-choice questions and Starfish represent vocabulary term practice.

Step 8: Click the clam or starfish chosen by the team.

Step 9: Allow each team to answer and click the "Reveal Answer" icon. To submit answers, we suggest using our downloadable game cards, or mini dry erase boards.

Step 10: Check the box next to each team name that answered the question correctly. Click the "Record Answers" icon.

Step 11: View the scores for each team. To add a bonus or penalty, select the corresponding button. Click the "Continue" icon. Many teachers use the bonus and penalty buttons as a classroom management tool.

Step 12: Continue the game by having the next team select a clam or starfish. Once finished, click the "End Game" icon. If you exit without ending the game, you will have the option to continue the game when you access Think or Swim at a later time.

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