How do I access my teacher progress report?

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Step 1: In the Classes tab, click the Progress Report icon for the class you wish to view.

Step 2: If you have more than one content area associated with the class, click the link for the content area that you would like to view.

Step 3: Select filters for Question Sources, Options, and Dates. Alternatively, select an assessment tag to view only assessment data associated with that tag. Click the "Go" button. If no assessment tags exist, then the option does not display.

For more information about viewing your progress report by assessment tag, please see the How can I view my progress report by assessment tag? article.

Step 4: View class averages and question statistics by standard in the  Dot Rank column. View the corresponding dot rank color for each standard with data. Dot Rank Key: Pink = <66% Yellow = 66-85% Green = >85%

Step 5: To create a practice assignment for any standard, click on the corresponding dot.

Step 6: Click the Student Dot Rank tab to view progress report data for individual students.

Step 7: Click on any dot to create an assignment for an individual student.

Step 8: Click the "Show-Score Details" box to view scores by standard. To print progress reports for students select the Print icon.

Step 9: To view data over time, click the Graphs tab.

Step 10: View by Class or Students.

Step 11: Choose to view data for the test, strand, or objective. Names for strands and objectives vary by state (e.g. domain, standard, objective, expectation, element, strand)

Step 12: Annotate, download, or print the graph.

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