How do I assign one activity?

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Step 1: Within the Assignments tab, click the "Create New Assignment" link.

Step 2: Select the class(es) you want to assign practice to. Add a note for students if needed. Click the "Continue" button.

Step 3: Enter a name for the assignment. For Assignment, choose "Practice".

Step 4: For Test, choose your subject area. Next, select the Type.

Step 5: For Questions, select the answer type (multiple choice, short answer, or free response), difficulty level if multiple choice (beginner, random, and advanced), and what standard you'd like the questions to cover. Practice questions are randomly-generated, so each student will have a varying set.

Step 6: For Vocab, select what standard you'd like the vocabulary terms to cover. Click the "Glossary" link to preview what vocabulary terms students may see for a particular standard. Vocabulary practice is randomly-generated, so each student will have a varying set.

Step 7: For Performance Task, select a particular standard. All available performance tasks are listed by category and title. Click on the name of any performance task to preview it ahead of time. Students will complete the exact performance task selected.

Step 8: Select your start and due dates. Then select your settings, such as whether you want students to have multiple attempts (they will have a new set of questions and vocab each time) or retry the exact items that they missed. Click the "Save Assignment" button.

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