How can I add leading zeros in Excel?

Updated 9 months ago by Tehetena Fikru

Step 1: Open the student file that matches the USATestprep bulk upload format. The file shown has 4 digit usernames.

Step 2: Select column I and format as Text.

Step 3: In the formula bar for cell J2, enter the formula

=TEXT(A2, "00####").

Note: Column J should be formatted as "General". Please ensure that there is a space after the , and before ".

Step 4: You will see a resulting number with two leading zeros.

Step 5: Drag the bottom right corner of cell J2 to apply the formula to the remaining cells.

Step 6: Select and copy the new values in column J.

Step 7: Click in Cell I2 and choose Paste Special - Values.

Step 8: Select the Caution icon and choose "Ignore Error".

Step 9: Delete the numerical values in columns J and A.

Step 10: Select the values in column I and choose "Cut".

Step 11: Paste the values from column A into Cells A2-A11.

Step 12: Select the Caution icon and Choose "Ignore Error". Save the file and upload it to the USATestprep platform.

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