How do I assign a USATestprep generated test or domain specific test?

Updated 2 years ago by Kyle Heaton

Step 1: Within the Assignments tab, click the "Create New Assignment" link

Step 2: Select the class(es) you want to assign the test to. Click the "Continue" button.

Step 3: Enter a name for the assignment. For Assignment, choose "USATestprep Generated Test."

Step 4: For Test, choose your subject area. Next, select the Type. Unless you specify a domain test, all domains will be represented on a USATestprep Generated Test. The only difference will be the length, as determined by the small, medium, large, and full options.

Step 5: In step 3, choose your start and due dates. Then select your settings, such as whether you want students to have multiple attempts (they will have a new randomly-generated test each time) or retry the exact questions that they missed.

Step 6: Click the "Save Assignment" button.

Step 7: Click the "Return to Assignments" button to go back to your assignments list.

Step 8: Your USATestprep Generated Test assignment will appear in your Assignments tab. Assignments are ordered by the due date, so your newest assignment may not appear at the top of the list.

Step 9: USATestprep Generated Tests are randomly-generated, so every student will have a different version of the test with various questions. There is no single version of the test. If you prefer for all students to answer the same set of questions (giving you more detailed results), then create an assessment instead.

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