Google Classroom Integration

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What should I do first?

Connect your USATestprep account to Google. Under your name menu at the top of the page, go to "My Account" and click the "Sign in with Google" button to authenticate and connect your Google account. Each student should follow these steps within their accounts as well.

How do I import my Google Classroom courses?

If you do not have any USATestprep classes already, click the "Import from Google Classroom" link on your Classes tab. Select whichever courses you want to create in USATestprep. After you've imported those courses, you'll need to go to the Class Management page for each class to add associated tests (subject areas) and students.

How do I roster my students?

Click the "Class User Import" icon to add students. Click "Import". The student list will update to match the list of students within your Google Classroom course. Users are mapped by usernames that match between Google Classroom and USATestprep. You will have the opportunity to manually map unsuccessful matches or create new users for students that do not have existing USATestprep accounts.

What if I already have existing classes in USATestprep?

All you need to do is connect your USATestprep class with the corresponding course in Google Classroom. Go to the Class Management page for a class you want to connect, then click the "Connect to Google Classroom" link. Select the corresponding course in Google Classroom, and your USATestprep class name will update to match the course name in Google Classroom.

How do I add assignments in Google Classroom?

If you're creating a new assignment, select Yes for "Add to Google Classroom" in step 1. This will post the assignment in Google Classroom for any classes that are connected (indicated by the Google Classroom icon).

How do I add an existing USATestprep assignment to Google Classroom?

Within your Assignments tab, go to the Settings icon for any existing assignment that is currently active (not past due). Change the "Add to Google Classroom" setting to Yes, then save your changes at the very bottom.

How can I edit the due date for an assignment posted in Google Classroom?

If you want to make any changes to your assignments, you'll need to log in directly to USATestprep. Use the Settings icon to edit the start or due dates, assignment name, and add or remove classes.

What do I need to do to have grades posted in Google Classroom?

You don't need to do anything extra, but there are two important steps that your students need to follow. (1) Students must connect their USATestprep accounts to Google, just as you connected yours. (2) Students should click the "Mark as done" button in Google Classroom, assuming the assignment has been completed in USATestprep.

Why don't I see my students' grades immediately after they finish?

USATestprep grades are synced every hour to Google Classroom, so there may be a delay from the time the student completes an assignment and when the score appears in Google Classroom. You can always refer to your USATestprep gradebook for the most up-to-date scores.

How are grades for 2+ activities assignments posted in Google Classroom?

The Google Classroom grade for a 2+ activities assignment is the average of all of those activities. Also, students must complete every part of the assignment before their grade will sync to Google Classroom. If you need to view individual scores per activity within a 2+ activities assignment, log in directly to USATestprep.

What happens if students don't meet the minimum score for an assignment?

Because an assignment is not considered complete until a student meets the minimum score (if you've decided to set one), a student's grade will only sync to Google Classroom after the minimum score has been earned in USATestprep.

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