How can I use the Green Dot Challenge™ in my Classroom?

Updated 1 year ago by Haley Harper

The Green Dot Challenge™ is an effective way to personalize learning in the USATestprep platform.

Students can navigate to any of their practice pages and work independently.  Set specific parameters for how many (or in which) standards a student should earn green dots over a certain amount of time.  Look at each individual student's progress report to set learning targets.  You can see the average scores and question counts (correct/total attempted in parentheses) for each standard.

Here are a few example goals.

  • Answer 30 questions for 1 standard with a pink dot
  • Improve 3 standards from orange dots to green dots
  • Achieve green dots for 5 standards with no data
  • Complete all videos and performance tasks (with scores over 66%) for 2 standards with pink dots

TIP - Record goals in a spreadsheet Click here for a template!

Click here for more information on the Green Dot Challenge™ and click here to learn how to Implement the Green Dot Challenge™ in your classroom.

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