How do I view the district progress report?

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Step 1: From the home page, select the Progress Reports tab.

Step 2: Select the test, or subject area.

Step 3: Select the sources from which to pull the data. Define the date range using the drop-down menu or the date range windows. Click "Go."

Step 4: District Dot Rank displays the district-wide average in each standard. Click on "Dot Rank" to view the key for the colorful Dot Rank system. The parenthesis provide detailed information about how many questions were answered correctly and how many questions were attempted for each standard.

Step 5: School Dot Rank displays school-wide averages in each standard.

Step 6: Teacher Dot Rank displays mastery in each standard for each teacher. Click on the plus sign next to a teacher's name to view data for each class that they teach.

Step 7: Student Dot Rank allows you to view individual student mastery of each standard. Use the drop-down menu to select the school. Click on a student name to view their individual progress report which is displayed in a printer-friendly mode.

Step 8: The Graphs tab allows you to view student data over time. Use the radio buttons on the left to view data for the entire district or by school. Use the radio buttons on the right to view data by test, domain, or element. Hover over the down arrow icon to download, annotate, and print.

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