How do I a create Battle Royale game?

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Step 1: From your homepage, go to the CLASSROOM RESOURCES dropdown menu and select a subject area.

Step 2: In the Projector Games section, click on the "Battle Royale" icon.

Step 3: Enter team names and select characters. Click the "Continue" icon.

Step 4: Click the + sign to expand the domain.

Step 5: Select at least 5 standards for your game. Click the "Continue" icon. Standards can be chosen from multiple domains.

Step 6: Turn On or Off Turn Buckler team competitions. Click the "Begin" icon. Turn Buckler challenges are fun activities that are not standards-based. Example: Who can draw the best wrestling mask?

Step 7: Click "Rumble Time" to start the game with a question, vocabulary term, or Turn Buckler challenge.

Step 8: Click the icons in the bottom right to include sound effects throughout the game.

Step 9: You can view and display scores throughout the game by clicking on the "Scoreboard" icon.

Step 10: Bonus and Penalty points can be added throughout the game.

Step 11: To save a game, click the "Save Game and Continue Later" link.

Step 12: When you are ready to end the game, click the "End Game" icon.

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