How do I view assessment results?

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Step 1: From your Assessments tab, click on the number in the Results column. You must have at least one student result to view the results page.

Step 2: The overall assessment average is displayed at the top of the page. By default, results are shown for all of your classes. Select a specific class if you'd like to only view data for one class at a time. Click the "View by Expectation" link to identify overall strengths and weaknesses.

Step 3: The Remediation tab provides a visual representation of how students performed in each expectation. Export this data to Excel and group students accordingly. Click on the "Assign Average Weaknesses" and "Assign Individual Weaknesses" links to create automatic remediation practice -- based on either the individual student's needs or the overall class's needs.

Step 4: The Item Analysis tab shows the percentage of students who answered each question correctly. Export this data to Excel and see exactly how every student answered every question on the assessment.

Step 5: Below the Item Analysis chart, you can see all questions on the assessment and a breakdown of how each answer choice was selected (click the "View" or "View All" link). This information will help you pinpoint common distractors and figure out what kinds of mistakes students are making with frequently missed questions.

Step 6: Click the % Correct link to see most frequently missed questions at the top. Click the Expectation link to see questions grouped by expectation or click the DOK link to see which questions are DOK level 1, 2, and/or 3.

Step 7: The Individual Students tab lists all student results, along with the date completed and the amount of time spent. Click the pencil icon to move the assessment result to another teacher or class. Click the "View" button to see the student's result in detail, including how every question was answered.

Step 8: The Grade Distribution tab contains a chart to represent your students' scores. An export is available here as well.

Step 9: From the Assessments tab, you can use the - Options - menu to quickly export your results.

Automatic remediation and an item analysis are only available for assessments since all students have the same set of questions. If you need this kind of data, then you must create an assessment versus a random set of practice questions or a randomly-generated USATestprep Generated Test.

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