How do I import Google Classroom Courses?

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Step 1: At the top of the Classes tab, select the "Import from Google Classroom" link. You will only see this link if you have connected your USATestprep account to Google.

Step 2: Check all of the courses from Google Classroom that you'd like to import to USATestprep. You can also check the checkbox to add the section from Google Classroom to the class name. Click the "Import" button. Only the owner (primary teacher) can import courses from Google Classroom. Your Google Classroom courses will be listed in your Classes tab.

Step 3: Next, you'll need to add students and associate tests (subject areas) to your classes. From the Classes tab, click on the "Class Management" icon.

Step 4: Click the "Edit Class" link.

Step 5: Proceed through steps 2-3 to add test(s) and shared teacher(s).

Step 6: Save your updates in step 5 and return to Class Management.

Step 7: Click the "Class User Import" icon to add students. If you make any changes to students within Google Classroom, you will need to click the "Class User Import" icon to update your student list.

Step 8: Click "Import". The student list will update to match the list of students within your Google Classroom course.

Step 9: Users are mapped by usernames that match between Google Classroom and USATestprep. You will have the opportunity to manually map unsuccessful matches or create new users for students that do not have existing USATestprep accounts. Please attempt to search first for the existing user before you create a new user.

Step 10: You should see all of your students, shared teacher(s), and associated test(s) listed. You can now create assignments for your class and post USATestprep assignments in Google Classroom. In order for grades to sync to Google Classroom, students must also connect their accounts.

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