How do I assign from the school assignment bank?

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Step 1: Within the Assignments tab, click the "School Assignment Bank" link. Unlike shared assessments, assignments from the School Assignment Bank do not automatically appear in your list. Only assignments that you've created appear by default. You must click the "School Assignment Bank" link to see any assignments that have been shared.

Step 2: For assignments in the bank, you can view the date created, name of the assignment, assignment type, and who created the assignment. You must have your class(es) associated with the same test (subject area) in order to see the assignment in the list.

Step 3: If you would like to assign an assignment from the bank to your own classes, click the "Assign to My Students" button.

Step 4: The site will create a duplicate version of the assignment for you. Select your class(es) and click the "Continue" button.

Step 5: In step 2, you'll see exactly what activities the original teacher selected for the assignment. Leave everything as is, or feel free to make adjustments for your students. Remove the "- duplicate" in the assignment name. Any changes you make will not impact the assignment for the original teacher (creator).

Step 6: In step 3, select your start and due dates. Review the settings, including multiple attempts or retry missed items. Feel feel to make adjustments for your students. Any changes made here will not impact the assignment for the original teacher (creator).

Step 7: Click the "Save Assignment" button.

Step 8: Click the "Return to Assignments" button.

Step 9: Click the "My Assignments" link. The assignment that you assigned to your class(es) will now appear in your assignment list.

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