How do I disable text-to-speech?

Updated 2 years ago by Linda Porter

Step 1: By default, students have a text-to-speech (read-aloud) option for all practice questions, vocabulary sets, USATestprep generated tests, and assessments. Text-to-speech can be disabled for assessments only.

Step 2: For an assessment that you are creating, select "No" for "Enable Text-to-Speech Functionality" in step 1. Continue to create and save your assessment.

Step 3: For an assessment that you have already created, go to the Assessments tab and click on the Settings gear icon.

Step 4: Select "No" for "Enable Text-to-Speech Functionality." Click the "Save Assessment" button.

Step 5: You'll see a "Settings Updated Successfully" confirmation message. Click the "Close" button.

Step 6: Your assessment will no longer display the speaker icon for questions, answer choices, and passages.

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