How do I build an ELA assessment?

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Step 1: Within the Assessments tab, click the "Create New Assessment" link.

Step 2: Enter a name for the assessment. For the test, choose your subject area.

Step 3: If you have created assessment tags, you can assign a tag to this assessment. Check the correct box.

Step 4: Decide if you want to share this assessment with other teachers at your school. Then make any adjustments to this assessment's settings. For security reasons, it's always recommended to NOT immediately allow students to view item results. This can be changed later after all students are finished with the assessment.

Step 5: Decide whether you would like to choose your own questions, or have USATestprep choose the questions.

Step 6: If you've selected "USATestprep Chooses the Questions", choose the length of your assessment. You can see the pie graph displaying the percentages that will be reflected on the Pre-Built assessment. Click the "Continue" button to add more item types. If you're done, click the "Continue and Skip to Preview" link.

Step 7: If you've selected the option to choose your own questions, you'll see a list of passages. You can select specific categories, or sort passages in a variety of ways.

Step 8: To quickly sort by passage name, word count, lexile level, or question count, click on the corresponding column heading. To view additional passages, click the "Load More Passages" link.

Step 9: To preview a passage, click the "View" link.

Step 10: To see standards and questions associated with a passage, click the + sign next to the passage name. Click the checkbox to add a question to your assessment.

Step 11: To see a question in its entirety (with answer choices), click on the question stem.

Step 12: After you've clicked on a question to preview it, you'll see the entire question with the answer choices. Select the "Add this question" checkbox to include it in your assessment. Use the "Next >>" link to browse through other questions in for this passage. The total number of questions for the passage is displayed on the right.

Step 13: Once you are finished adding questions, click the "Continue" button to add more item types. If you're done, click the "Continue and Skip to Preview" link.

Step 14: For steps 3 through 6, choose yes or no to add a variety of other item types, including your own questions, performance tasks, two-part items, and free-response questions.

Step 15: In step 7, preview all of the items and passages that were selected -- refer to the different tabs for each item type (Questions, Two-Part Items, etc.). You have the option to remove or swap items and passages.

Step 16: When you are happy with the assessment, click the "Save Assessment" button.

Step 17: Your assessment has successfully been created. Go ahead and use the "Assign this Assessment" button if you're ready to assign it to your classes. Otherwise, hold off and assign it later from your Assessments tab.

Step 18: Your newly-created assessment will appear at the top of your assessments list. Use the "Edit" pencil icon to make any changes up until the time students begin completing the assessment. Once there are results, editing will no longer be allowed. However, you can make adjustments through the Settings gear icon.

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