How do I enable Liftoff for my students?

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Step 1: Within the Classes tab, click on the "Class Management" icon.

Step 2: Click on the Settings tab. Liftoff is currently available for grades 2-8 for Math and Reading (English) subjects only. Teachers will only see the Settings tab if their class contains any math or reading subjects.

Step 3: Teachers have the option to enable Liftoff for students in 2nd grade and higher. Click the checkbox in the Liftoff column next to the student's name to enable Liftoff for that student. Students can have access to Progress Learning, Liftoff, or both.

Step 4: On your homepage, click the Liftoff icon to access Education Galaxy.

Step 5: In Education Galaxy, hover over Student Center and click Manage Users.

Step 6: Click Manage.

Step 7: Filter or search for students with the menu options on the upper left-hand side of the page. You can change settings for individual students, a group of students, or the entire list of students. Each option is outlined below with a 1, 2, or 3.

  1. To change settings for an individual student, click "edit" next to that student's name.
  2. To change settings for a group of students, select the students by checking the box next to each student's name and use the "Group Action" section to select the settings.
  3. To change settings for the entire list of students on the bottom half of the screen, check the box in the header next to "FIRST NAME." It will automatically place a check next to each student's name in the list. Then use the "Group Action" section to select the settings.
A group action will allow teachers to customize settings for a group of students at one time. Please note that you can only update one setting at a time.

Step 8: The Language settings are English, Spanish, or Toggle. The Toggle language setting will display the questions in English and allow the student to toggle to Spanish if they need to.

Step 9: If you would like to enable Read Aloud for your students, click the checkmark to enable Read Aloud or click the X to disable the Read Aloud option.

Step 10: In Liftoff, students can customize their avatars. To prevent students from customizing their avatar, you can lock this feature until after school hours. Click the checkmark to allow customization anytime, or click the X to limit customization to after-school hours only.

Step 11: In Education Galaxy, teachers can return to the Progress Learning platform by clicking on the Progress logo.

We highly recommend teachers hover under training in the Liftoff platform and click My Training to access training modules. If you have any additional questions, please email

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