Class Rostering with Clever and ClassLink

Updated 1 year ago by Kyle Heaton

Step 1: Sign in with ClassLink or Clever. Once you do this, your classes will be created automatically. Please note: if you do not sign in with ClassLink or Clever, your classes will not be created.

Step 2: Navigate to the Class Management page to add any associated tests to your class.

Step 3: Select the link to associate a test with your class.

Step 4: Select the checkbox to the left of the test that you will be teaching. You can add multiple tests if needed.

Step 5: Select the 5th tab on the right, and select the Save Class button to save the changes you have made.

Step 6: Select the Manage Class button to navigate back to the Class Management page.

Step 7: Select the Class User Import icon on the right of the page (this icon will not appear if you do not sign in via Clever or ClassLink).

Note: If your class roster changes (i.e. new students are added or students are removed), you must select this icon again to update your class's student list.

Step 8: Confirm the import by selecting the Import button within the window.

And thats it! Now you're ready to get started assigning assignments to your newly rostered class in USATestprep!

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