How do I connect existing classes to Canvas?

Updated 2 years ago by DaCota Cole

Step 1: From your Classes tab, click on the Class Management icon for any existing class you'd like to connect to a Canvas course.

Note: Use the "Import from Canvas" link instead if you're creating a new class.

Important: Your account must first be connected to Canvas.

Step 2: Click the link to "Connect to Canvas".

Step 3: Select one of your Canvas courses to connect. Click the "Connect" button.

Note: Only Canvas courses that are NOT already associated in USATestprep will be shown.

Step 4: Your class is connected to Canvas!

Step 5: Within the Classes tab, all classes connected to Canvas will have the Canvas icon to the right of the class name.

Bonus: You can create assignments in USATestprep and post them in Canvas now!

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