How do I view my gradebook?

Updated 2 years ago by Linda Porter

Step 1: From your Classes tab, click on the "Gradebook" icon for the class you'd like to view student results for. Gradebook data is based on completed Assignments and Assessment. Student results from self-guided practice are found under "Class Results" in the Classes tab.

Step 2: Within the Gradebook, you can either print or export grades to an Excel File.

Step 3: Filters allow you to choose the setting for the grades you would like to view. You can view original or retry scores, change the date range, show grades by percentage or points, and sort by completed date or due date.

Step 4: Grades can be hidden from view by clicking the pink minus sign at the top of the column of grades.

Step 5: You can choose to view Current, Hidden, and Suggested Practice results by selecting an option and clicking the "Go" button.

Step 6: You can quickly navigate to another class Gradebook by clicking the "Change" link next to the current class name.

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