How do I assign multiple activities?

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Step 1: Within the Assignments tab, click the "Create New Assignment" link.

Step 2: Select I want to assign "2+ Activities." This will allow you to create a series of activities in one assignment. Next, choose your class(es) and add a note for students if needed. If you have connected your account to Google Classroom, you can choose to add the assignments. Click the "Continue" button.

Step 3: Enter a name for the assignment. For test, choose your subject area.

Step 4: Within the Test(s) section, you may choose a randomly-created USATestprep-Generated Test(s) or a previously-built assessment(s). Adding a test(s) is optional. Consider including a test/assessment at the beginning of your assignment and another test/assessment at the end to measure progress.

Step 5: For practice, select a standard. You'll have 6 different types of activities from which you can choose. You can include any combination of activities you'd like -- practice questions, vocabulary sets, free response, performance tasks, videos, puzzles, and games. Games are a great reward for students mid-way or at the end of an assignment with multiple activities. A maximum of 50 activities is allowed.

Step 6: Click the "+ Add More Practice" link to include activities from another standard. Click the Continue button. If creating this assignment for only one class, then the class's Dot Rank will display as a guide in case you'd like to customize the activities to the class's areas of weakness.

Step 7: In step 3, select your start and end dates. Determine the order you'd like for each activity and simply drag it in a different place.

Step 8: Choose between students completing the activities in the specific order you've set -- or whether students can work in any order they choose. You may also add this assignment to the school bank if other teachers at your school would want to use this with their classes.

Step 9: Determine your settings for each activity, such as whether you want students to earn a minimum, complete the activity all over again, or retry missed questions. Use the "Copy First Row" link to apply your settings for the first activity to all activities. Click the "Save Assignment" button.

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