Sample Implementation Plan

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Teachers will use the following implementation plan for each unit. Using the data from the unit pre-test, you will identify the standards of focus. The standards will be supported using daily Bell ringers and Assignments which will include instructional videos, key vocabulary, multiple-choice questions, free-response questions, and technology- enhanced items. Please click on each link for more details on how to complete each step.

1. Create a pre-test for each unit. When building your assessment, choose questions that align with the standard that you are teaching. Click Link.

2. Assign the pre-test prior to each unit. Click Link.

3. Identify Gaps in the assessment results to drive bell ringers and assignments. Click Link.

4. Use the Bell Ringers daily. To create a new Bell Ringer, choose your question type (multiple-choice, short answer, vocabulary, or free response) and standard. Tip - plan by saving your Bell Ringers ahead of time. Click Link.

5. Create Unit Assignments and focus on key standards identified from assessment results. Click Link.

6. Students will practice in their areas of focus using their graded work section by clicking on the unit pre-test. Please note: a new student view is coming. Click Link.

7. Students will complete all videos, vocabulary, questions, and performance tasks within their Practice pages in the standards that have a pink dot. Please note: a new student view is coming. Click Link.

8. Duplicate the pre-test, assign it, and view the results. Click Link. You will continue to repeat this process for every unit.


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