How do I see a shared assessment?

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Step 1: Has your colleague, administrator, or district shared an assessment but you cannot see it in your account? First, check your assessment filters by clicking on the "Filter" link.

Step 2: Filter by test (subject area) or teacher. Once you select your filter, you will see the assessments.

Step 3: If the above step doesn't help and you do not have a class of your own, go to the Classes tab and click the link to "Create New Class." You will not be able to see shared assessments if your only classes are shared with you. You will need to create at least one class of your own. If you already have classes of your own, skip to the next step.

Step 4: If you already have existing classes, then check which tests (or subject areas) your classes are associated with. Click the "Class Management" icon.

Step 5: Click the "Associated Tests" tab. This is the key to seeing shared assessments -- you must have your class associated with the exact same test as the shared assessment. For example, teachers with a 7th Grade ELA class can only see shared assessments for 7th Grade ELA.

Step 6: Click the pencil icon or "Edit Class" link to add an associated test(s) to your class.

Step 7: Continue to step 2 - Associated Tests. Select the checkbox next to any test(s) you need to add.

Step 8: Skip to step 5 - Assignments and click the "Save Class" button. Unless you click the "Save Class" button in step 4, your changes will NOT be saved.

Step 9: Shared assessments for the newly-associated test(s) can now be seen on the Assessments tab. All shared assessments, whether created by you or someone else, have a pink "S" to the right of the name. Click on the name of any assessment to see who the creator is.

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