How do I view graded work?

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Step 1: While on your home page, click on the GRADED WORK tab on the left pop-out menu to view assessment, assignment, and independent activity results.

Step 2: By default, you will view all results. However, you can change your view by using the filters. VIEW ASSIGNMENT RESULTS will allow you to view results for assignments that were assigned by one of your teachers. VIEW INDEPENDENT PRACTICE will show practice tests and activities you completed on your own.

Step 3: If you need to narrow down your search for a particular assignment, you can use the SEARCH filter to define a specific class, subject or date range. Click "GO" to load the data.

Step 4: Click VIEW to see your results in more detail.

Step 5: This is new assignment results page for students. To the left, you can see many variables about this particular assignment, such as how long it took, its date completed, date due, etc. The middle section covers areas you might need practice on, and which areas could use improvement. Below the bars, you see options for ADDITIONAL PRACTICE, where you can do some independent work either using videos, questions or performance tasks to improve. Finally, on the right side, you can see the breakdown, both in standards and domains, of questions throughout the assignment.

Step 6: If your teacher allows for students to view question results, you can view them by scrolling down and seeing which questions you got wrong.

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