Student Arcade

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Step 1: The Game Arcade can be accessed from the homepage directly. Click the GAME ARCADE link on the side panel on the left of the screen.

Step 2: There are two different kinds of games in the arcade. The first type are FREE games. These games do not cost any tokens, but you will have to answer questions throughout the game.

Step 3: The other type are games that cost tokens. The amount of tokens to play varies per game. Token games are simply games -- there are no questions to answer!

Step 4: Click on any game's tile to play. If the game cost tokens, click the START GAME button and confirm that you'd like to spend tokens to play the game.

Step 5: You can see your total number of tokens at the top of the Game Arcade. If you'd like to earn more tokens, complete assignments from your teacher if you have any -- and also consider independent practice to complete activities on your own and earn additional tokens. The higher your score, the more tokens you will earn.

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